Saturday, 12 April 2014

Vietnam Part 3: Halong Bay

Vietnam: Part 3

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a very beautiful place about 3 hours away from the capital, Hanoi. We were supposed to go on a 2 night cruise but that was called off due to 'bad weather'. The Bay is home to several floating villages, literally a whole village built on top of the water amazing.

One of the villages

A view of the Bay

Inside 'Suprise Cave'

From the top of the lookout, had to climb 1200 stone steps to get there

A boat stocked up with goods for sale

The cruise ship

A beach (can't remember the name)


Fishing boat

The Vietnamese flag

A policeman, all our bus drivers papers had to be checked before we could enter the capital

Cross between a tractor and a truck?

Picking up the kids from school

Some of my first attempts at light painting, taken from a moving bus



  1. Awesome landscapes, and the light painting is INCREDIBLE!

    Sorry I couldn't comment sooner, I was on holidays... far away

  2. Hey!
    I've nominated you!