Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Vietnam: Part 2, Hoi An

Vietnam: Part 2

Hoi An

This was the second city I visited. Hoi An was by far my favourite place in Vietnam. It is not a big city and is very quaint and cosy. Although there is a lot of poverty, many people have huge smiles on their faces.

Some of the many lanterns available

Wood carvers at work

Kites for sale

Father and son riding their pushbike

Typical Hoi An street

Boat lady

Lanterns on the riverbank

Some rickshaw men resting

Banana Lady

This old grandma was eating a cup of yoghurt

This old man was randomly laughing, so I took his photo

Hat merchant


Vietnamese range of green vegetables

Salt lady

Probably one of my favourite shots of the whole trip. This was in the market

Meat Market. Was amazing because it did not smell and there was not one single fly around

Fruit stall

Smoking kills

Those sunnies

Old boat

Water Lilly

This 88 year old woman walks along the beach everyday selling snacks to the fat tourists. Amazing

Fruit seller
This lady was carrying a huge block of ice on the back of her bike. Pretty normal

Hope you enjoy this post:D


  1. Amazing photos! They say a picture tells a thousand words - and with photos like those I've got to say they really do!

  2. I really like the third last one. The old ladies face is...interesting..not quite the word I meant, but I really like that one. The first is nice too, The bright colours really make it stand out!

    1. Thanks!! I like that third last one as well, lots of character in the face